Required Documents to bring for your test:

1) Valid Texas Learner's Permit (Texas Identification Cards do not count).  All ages.

2) DE964 from your Driver's Education Program:

Note: If you took driver's ed at Maverick, we have yours.  If you took a teen driver's ed course somewhere else, make sure it says: For Driver's License Only" at the top of the form instead of "For Learners License".  If you did an online program, it will be the certificate you print when done with the program.  If you did an Adult Program, it will say
"Driver's Education Exclusively For Adults".  If you are 25 or older you do not need to take a driver's ed course.

3) Impact video certificate (see below)

If you are under 18, will need to have held your license for at least 6 months and you must have a parent or guardian with you.

4) Must be at least 16.

Links for State Required Impact Videos:

If you did a Teenage Driver's Education program (even if you are 18 or over, click below) HERE


For everyone who did an Adult Driver's Education Program or is 25 and over click HERE


Road legal vehicle requirements:

-proof of insurance on the vehicle

-current registration

-working horn, tail lights, brake lights and turn signals (front and back)

-passenger door must open from the inside.

-front and back license plates

All fees are nonrefundable and failure to arrive on time or lack the proper paperwork may result in forfeiture of your appointment.  Please arrive 10 minutes early.